Cycle Britain

Alan’s Kitchen – The 80/20 Nutrition for Cyclists

Cycle Britain Tour Leader Alan little is an advocate of an 80/20 diet. The 80/20 diet involves cyclists eating a healthy diet most of the time. The message is 80 percent healthy vegan choices without compromising nutrition and enjoyment and 20 percent eating a more standard diet. Many cyclists state this allows for a variety of foods and missing out on key nutrition when quality vegetarian or vegan food is not available.

The fuel you put into your body is a massive factor in determining if you will succeed on land endurance events such as Lands End to John O’Groats. As a cyclist I advocate the following breakfasts. Many of the choices are low cost and the best for both you and the environment.

BREAKFASTS – During our tours we have chosen hotels that are able to provide more than just the standard English breakfast. On epic events like the Lands End to John O’Groats it is vital that nutrition is good and carefully considered to avoid running out of energy.

Vegetarian Cycling Day

Breakfast: Vegetarians can have the same breakfast that is recommend for all riders before a big day in the saddle. Porridge sweetened with a bit of honey and an omelette for some stomach filling protein.

On the bike: No real issues here with as most energy bars and gels can be eaten by vegetarians. You could also try this rice cakes recipe.

Recovery: A banana blended in milk is an effective and cheap recovery option. Add some ground flax seeds for their anti-inflammatory effect.

Moving to an 80/20 Diet

Breakfast: Consider our vegan option below as it does not compromise on your nutritional needs.

During cycling: Dried fruit and nuts, bananas and home made high qulaity food is the feature of all our tours. Kerry Barlow is our residdent expert who prepares and provides all of our food during tours. We are proud to be the only cycling tour company to offer a full range of no compromise . Boiled new potatoes are good and peanut butter sandwiches are another tasty choice, you can even go American and add some vegan suitable jam.

On the road we offer B12 fortified soya milk, banana, frozen berries and some ground flax seed. We also offer the normal fixes you would expect of homemade flapjack and cakes. You simply can’t beat one of Kerry’s cakes for the motivation to keep going.

Hydration and Drinks: We offer a range of sports drinks including our Cycle Britain sports drinks.

BREAKFAST ON TOUR – You can choose whatever you like and we recommend for the best chance of success the following breakfasts.

Porridge made with milk or soya. Banana and mixed seeds provide a very nutritious start to the day.

Poached Egg on Toast cooked on tour or at home. Our signature breakfast with smashed avocado, asparagus and cherry tomatoes. Using the very highest quality multi-grain bread. All our accommodation have been asked to provide all these options for breakfast.


  1. Bring a pan of water to the boil with a tablespoon of white wine vinegar
  2. Use a frying pan to heat a little vegetable oil and gently fry the asparagus and tomatoes.
  3. Crack an egg each into two small bowls
  4. Gently swirl water with a spoon then place eggs in one at a time
  5. Return the pan to the hob and turn down the cooker to medium heat and leave to cook for 2-3 minutes
  6. Toast the bread and top with a mashed up avocado
  7. Season with Kampot peppar and top with the poached eggs

Eating Enough to Complete Long Intense Days – Our tour staff will ensure you have the food you need to complete the long days of our epic rides and also provide what you need for the shorter days. Our pop cafe is with you the whole way.