We’ve been exploring Britain
on our bikes for over 40 years.

Alan Little – My journey started with a Raleigh Chopper as a young boy in Yorkshire.  We started intrepid journeys at a young age into the Yorkshire Dales.  The sense of adventure that inspired me then still provides the excitement today. 

I have road biked, raced, competed in and coached triathlon, cycled across across Asia solo, mountain biked volcanoes and cycled in Tibet. Recently I have enjoyed the simplicity of cycling to the local farm shop with my little girl. As a family man I enjoy relaxed holidays with my family cycle touring in France.  I am passionate about what I do and I want to share the very best of cycling in Britain with you.

Cycle Britain


To Inspire Everyone to Enjoy
an Amazing Cycling Experience.

Last year our clients enjoyed cycling the LEJOG route and our clients loved the experience.
We led an Army group on the North coast 500 from the amazing and historic Fort George in what was a challenging year..

As a business in 2020, we also developed our new Hebrides tour and had the most amazing experience as a team. This led to the development of our new Gravel and Road Bike tours for 2021. 

Cycle Britain


Our group guarantee provides
the best experiences safely.

Support Team Manager –  David Orr. Having worked in the cycle industry for many years I am very pleased to be working with Alan and the Cycle Britain team and meeting all our fantastic clients on our amazing tours.

I am there with your spare clothes bag if the weather changes. I also help with running repairs providing spare tubes etc when required. I make the lunches and provide hot drinks if you need them, tea being the specialty! I will check and clean your bike for you with Alan and the team before you get up to allow you to be rested and ready to ride each day.  We also take photos and most importantly enjoy the journey and wonderful shared experience with you.