Our Tour Grading Sysem.

Choosing the correct tour level is made easier by using our grading system below to assist with helping you choose your cycling tour. We also offer coaching packages to help you achieve your goals.

Grade 1

Cycle BritainCycle BritainCycle BritainCycle BritainCycle Britain

For those new to cycling who can ride a bike and are aspiring to do something challenging.  These are gently undulating rides and can be done with an electric or non-electric bike as the aim is to enjoy the outdoors on a relaxed tour.

Grade 2

Cycle BritainCycle BritainCycle BritainCycle BritainCycle Britain

Flat and undulating at times.  We enjoy the best British cycle routes with some short sections of climbing.  A great tour for an electric bike or a cyclist that wants some but not too much challenge.  If you can cycle 40 miles then this is for you.

Grade 3

Cycle BritainCycle BritainCycle BritainCycle BritainCycle Britain

For regular cyclists who enjoy regular cycling whether training indoor or outside.  We include some free sessions on the fundamentals of riding safely with coaching on areas such as descents and cadence.  Enjoy half day of cycling with fun stops and site seeing. 

Grade 4

Cycle BritainCycle BritainCycle BritainCycle BritainCycle Britain

For those that want a challenge.  You are most likely to be a regular cyclist who is possibly a club member.  You may have ridden a sportive event or triathlon and now want to do something amazing in Britain.  These routes provide a challenge to complete climbs and steep descents.  A real challenge of 60 – 100 miles per day.

Grade 5

Cycle BritainCycle BritainCycle BritainCycle BritainCycle Britain

Designed for the cyclist who is fit and experienced.  These tours involve completing several challenging days.  You will need to be able to do 125 miles a day with 3500m of ascent and similar for several days.

Physical Preparation for LEJOG.

Alan Little is a qualified and experienced coach who has developed a range of training resources and coaching packages for cycling.
Alan trains regularly and last completed three of our tours in five weeks so understands the demands presented by multi day cycling and the weather.

Details of Training Support Resources.

We offer the following support which has met the needs of everyone we have worked with.  If you need anything else then please ask.

Simply request our PDF for free and you will be provided with a free introduction to all the aspects of preparation, physical training and nutrition you need to not only be successful but to enjoy the tour fully. We outline what is needed to succeed and common errors.  Whichever tour you book this is an important resource.

FREE, no obligation pre tour chat to answer questions and help you choose the right tour for you. 

Just send us an email to alan@cycle-britain.co.uk with some suggested times or simply call us on 01925 564281.

For anyone considering doing a cycle tour. Absolutely no obligation to book.