Cycle Britain are the only company in North-west England specialising in electric bike hire and inspirational tours. When you rent a bike with us, you not only get a new and state-of-the-art electric bike, you also get our local knowledge. We provide free komoot routes allowing you to access some of our most exciting cycling routes. We have bikes to suit all adult riders. All bikes are of relaxed geometry for enjoyable riding on roads, trail,s and cycleways. Call Alan on 07955 022128 to discuss your booking or book online now.

Cycle Britain

Why E-bike?

Go further, see more, sweat less with an e-bike rental from Cycle Britain. Electric bikes have been the biggest revolution in cycling since the invention of the wheel. Cycling is now more accessible and more fun than ever before. Electric bikes level the playing field, enabling groups of mixed ability to ride together.

Cycle Britain has a growing fleet of the latest-generation 2022 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid e-bikes for rental. Hybrid e-bikes are appropriate for a wide range of terrains and offers the opportunity to explore landscapes and parts of the Great British countryside you would otherwise miss. You can rent these e-bikes to complete your own independent tours or join us on one of our many exciting guided or self-guided adventures. If you have a particular bike tour in mind, we offer a tailor-made bike tour service; we will be happy to provide the bikes and plan the tour so all you have to do is turn up and ride, hassle-free!

All of our electric bike rentals come with everything needed to tackle your own bike tour. Helmets, gloves, Vaude panniers, bike locks, bike pump and a puncture repair kit (and instructions on how to use it) are included as standard.

Why 2022 Cube Kathmandu EXC 750?

Cube Kathmandu EXC 750 electric bikes are the best on the market, bringing together all the latest technology and innovation. The bike wields a powerful fourth-generation Bosch drive system that allows you to go faster and further for longer. Coupled with a 750-watt battery, this provides an enormous range, allowing you to cover a colossal distance between charges. When electric bikes first hit the market, their short battery life was their Achilles heel. This is no longer an issue; the Cube Kathmandu EXC 750 is designed for all-day riding.

The bike is a hybrid with a relaxed geometry and front suspension that is designed to handle smooth roads and gentle off-road terrain efficiently and comfortably. When combined with 12 gears, you’ll be surprised where this bike can take you. You’ll enjoy riding this bike on the back roads, byways, and bridle paths of Britain.

The batteries are removable which is a huge bonus for an extended bike tour. Gone are the days of lugging your electric bike into your guesthouse room, or worse, being refused to take your bike inside. You can now lock your bike securely outside and carry the battery to your room for overnight charging.

Cycle Britain


We have ten 2022 Cube Kathmandu EXC 750 electric bikes available to rent for £85 each per day. As an introductory special offer, for November 2022 2022, we’re offering them at the reduced rate of £65 per day. Cycle Britain is based in Cheshire, near the M6 and M56, which allows free delivery to the Peak District, Lake District, Lancashire, North and West Yorkshire, and North Wales, based on a minimum of six bikes. For less than six bikes, or trips further afield, please request a provide a quote for us to drop off and collect the bikes from the start and finish of your tour. Get in touch to discuss this option. Any tours booked with us will have free bike collection and drop off, removing the hassle from your holiday.

We have a selection of Trapeze and Standard frame e-bikes (see top of page) which allow for easier access on and off the bikes – depending upon your preference. We have a variety of different frame sizes to suit, ranging from small to large. If you want to chat to us about individual bike suitability for your size, please contact Alan on 01925 564281.

All e-bike rentals come with everything you need to tackle your own bike tour. Helmets, gloves, bike locks, bike pumps and a puncture repair kit (and instructions on how to use it) are included as standard. Vaude panniers can be included, if required.

Also available to rent is a Pendle bike trailer with a carrying capacity of 12 bikes. For £250 per week, you have the freedom to take your bikes wherever you want to go.

We will require two forms of ID for bike rentals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be?

All our e-bikes are adult bikes. We cannot currently offer electric bike hire for children.

How fit do I need to be?

The great thing about an electric bike is that riders with different fitness levels can ride together. Even if you don’t cycle regularly, you can jump on an electric bike and be surprised by how much distance and how much fun you can have. Our 2022 Cube Kathmandu bikes have the latest and most powerful technology which allows you to ride further and faster than on other bikes.

What happens in case of a breakdown?

All our e-bikes are new and regularly serviced which makes a serious breakdown unlikely. In the unlikely event you suffer a puncture, we provide a puncture repair kit and instructions on how to use it. Rescues are available, if necessary, though these will cost a set fee.

Cycle Britain