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Kirsty’s Story – Coast to Coast 2021…

“My cycling obsession started during the first lockdown as a way to keep fit and active, it was my Dad who became my inspiration to start cycling. We always cycle together and wanted to experience something new and set ourselves a challenge. Whilst looking for organised tours, Cycle Britain popped up on my social media and from there I was set on booking a tour. I was first interested in the Hebridean Way Tour until I saw the Coast-to-Coast tour. From showing an interest on the Cycle Britain FB page Alan was extremely helpful and contacted me to discuss the whole process from booking to completing the tour – he even recommended suitable accommodation for the night before the tour. The tour was expertly organised throughout. Alan and Alex checked our bikes and ensured we had the correct tyre pressure (which was useful as I had no idea what the correct pressure should have been). Alan was very helpful throughout the tour giving me valuable information on how to brake safely and ride the steep descents safely, he also gave a discussion on cross-chaining which I found useful and was something I was guilty of. Alan has taught me so much with regards to being confident on my bike and given me some essential skills I will use forever.

Hats off to “chef” Alex for making our lunches and ensuring we were fully fueled up for the trip, he ensured he catered to all of our dietary requirements, the food was amazing and endless, I really couldn’t have asked for more from the tour with regards to food, we were really looked after. Throughout the tour there were regular snack stops for us to refill our water or have a quick snack if we were feeling low on energy. The accommodation Alan had organised was perfect and located in some beautiful areas that I would definitely revisit, the first night of the tour we were booked into a beautiful country pub and had some amazing food, Alan had also booked a table for our evening meal which was a great touch. The second night we stayed in York and what a great location it was – only a 10-minute walk into York where we had some excellent food. Alan also ensured breakfast was provided each morning, even when the York accommodation didn’t provide breakfast, Alan made sure he organised our breakfast which was again another personal touch that I couldn’t fault.

The journey of the Coast-to-Coast is one I will never forget and was such an amazing experience to share with my dad, I have visited some of the most beautiful places our country has to offer that I didn’t even know existed, not only that Alan was extremely knowledgeable on the local history of each area, this added an extra touch to the trip and expressed Alan’s passion of the route.

Cycle Britain

The organization of the tour was faultless and Alan made sure that each and every one of us gained something positive from the trip, he always ensured I was ok and offered help and encouragement when I needed it especially when I did not feel confident in being able to complete the route. I was one of the slowest in the group but I was never made to feel like I was slowing the group down as everyone on the tour was so supportive and encouraging towards me, this helped to improve my confidence. The support vehicle was also never far behind should I need it and tracking our location in case I went off course or needed help, this made me feel at ease as I knew I could not get lost of left behind. Alan had also organised a minibus back to the start which was something I had wondered about and grateful for, and transferred me back to the start safely and in a timely manner.

This trip will stay with me forever and is one of the most amazing achievements that I have ever done, I cannot stop talking about it to everyone, I would definitely use Cycle Britain again as they ensure that everything is taken care of. I have also met some fantastic and interesting people on the tour as well as the people in the places we visited, I have done many routes and definitely I thought I had seen it all until I did this tour. Alan and Alex were perfect and extremely supportive throughout the whole process, especially when I doubted my ability to complete the tour, they gave me the confidence to believe in myself.

Thank you so much to Cycle Britain for giving me the experience of a life time and leaving me with some of the most amazing memories.”